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About Me


Former HR professional, TV ad marketer, columnist, On-Air Personality/ radio play writer, you get the point...then I moved to the US from West Africa and used all these 'formers' to build anew. 


Today, I'm passionate about faith, family, and helping others find the confidence to embark on their new journeys.

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In this powerful devotional, LEAD ME PAST THESE LIES, New Jersey author Biodun Dapherede takes you on a powerful 30-day journey of discovery. There are "EOTDs" for every day that guide you through self-assessment and restoration. Each day's devotion points out a LIE that holds us back and the TRUTH as seen in God's Word. This book is filled with practical advice focusing on growth, ditching the facades that strain our Faith-Walk 'and embracing a renewal of your mind.

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The Challenge

• Taking the plunge/reveling in the unknown

• Daring to be Diverse

• Failure as a Stepping Stone

• Creating a healthy culture ( the kind that ensures growth)

Spend one-hundred energizing days learning:

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